Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Planners - Vivid Soda

 VIVID SODA Planners
SGD $22

This planner covers 2010/2011 so you can start planning for 2011 now! :)

Calendar - 2 Pages
Yearly - 2 Pages
Monthly - 24 Pages
Weekly - 120 Pages
Daily - 64 Pages
Free Noting - 42 Pages
Personal Data - 1 Page

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Anonymous said...

May I know what colours do you have avaliable ?
p.s.- I think that you should have a email for people to contact you (:

inkscribe said...

Hi there!

We only have 1 colour, and that is yellow as seen in the picture.

Thanks for your feedback, we will include our email in the blog.

If you wish to email us, our email address is inkscribed {at}

If you wish to order, the order form link is located within the blog and to your right sidebar.